I can't speak for every state, but I can safely speak for Illinois, and I'm sure the problem plagues across the country as well. That is the young will always lose their license before the old. Several prime examples: A friend of mine had 4 speeding tickets (under 15mph over the posted limit), and lost his license at 16 years old for 6 months. My uncle, middle aged lost his license for one year for DUI, although he was stopped for not using his turn signal, and was driving perfectly. All because he blew a .09 on the breathalyzer. I nearly lost my license twice, once because I was 3 minor accidents under the age 18 in one year, none of them causing more then $1000 worth of damage or any injuries. Second time was because I tapped someones rear bumper with no insurance, no injuries, no damage to either vehicle. Had to get an attorney the 2nd time to keep from losing my license for 6 months. Yet 70, 80 & 90 year olds have injured multiple people on multiple occasions by mistaken the gas for the brake and smashing to buildings, and yet they don't even get a citation and never never pay a fine or even have to step foot in court or the DMV. You can be elederly and kill someone by your bad driving in this state and get nothing more then a $75 ticket. You even think of doing 10 mph over the speed limit and get busted by a state cop on an interstate doing 75 in a 65 & get got a $75-$150 citation, but y et if your over 65 and are doing 25 in a 65 a cop will pass you up, see your old, wave at you and continue on his way. My mom, age 54 has to show documentation by a doctor showing she is safe to drive all because she has controlled diabetes, that the DMV knows about. Yet if your over age 65 and can be driving the wrong way on a road on multiple occasions, and get nothing more then turned around by the cop and sent in the right direction, and never have to show documentation from a doctor that they are safe to drive. If you are under 65 year old in this state they will do anything to pull your license for a minimum of 6 months, but yet if your over age 65 you can't lose your license, even if you can no longer hear anything, see anything, or walk. I have seen this on multiple occasions while at the DMV. Yet, the state of IL looks down on young drivers, make it close to impossible to get a license before age 18, but yet if your over age 65 and never drove a car in your life you can walk in to the DMV, fail the road test, written test and vision test and walk out with a license. This is wrong in every sense that I can think of, as we have more drivers causing serious accidents with injury or death at the age of 65 or above while the young 16 & 17 year olds only have minor accidents that hardly cause injury bit more death.