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Thread: Oop Lemans Series began weeks ago!

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    Oop Lemans Series began weeks ago!

    I'd like to share a few links for those who do not know this up and coming series, multi-class format. Serious World Class Racing (Re: 24 hours of Le Mans), now spreading the globe like wildfire. V-Man

    Grand Am 101 - If you know the series - skip this fact sheet.

    Racing Teams:

    Drivers Rolex:

    Drivers Continental Tire Series:

    Results from 24 hours of Daytona January 27 - 30 - Rolex series

    Results from 24 hours of Daytona January 27 - 30 - Conti Tire series

    There's a lot here folks. I want to read the fine print on this race and study each driver. Stay tuned and put the pedal to the metal! <- Music - Out of the Way! <-- Get off the brakes and into the gas! V-Man
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