That's what would perk up my interest.

In high school, I used to go to street drag races. People who wanted to race would drive their car to the local McDonald's on Friday night. A group would then head out to where the race would be held - an isolated stretch of blacktop with a quarter mile marked off. Then they'd race - for money or just for fun.

There were no brackets, no tech inspection or safety check. You just brought your car and raced.

It was wild, because you never knew what was going to happen; what the other dude had under the hood. It could be a race - or one car might just walk away from the other.

Anyone could do it, too. There were no hassles (except from cops) and it was affordable because you didn't have to spend a pile of money on mandated equipment.

Was it dangerous? Sure, a little. But no one got killed and even if they had, much as it would have sucked, it was a different time and we weren't the safety-and-rules-obsessed creatures we are now.

If it was fun, we just did it. Informally, organically. I miss that.