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Thread: Semi Clover!

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    Semi Clover!

    Watch this semi driver blow through a completely red light:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric View Post
    Watch this semi driver blow through a completely red light:

    The truck ran a red light within a second or two of the light being red. While running a red light is dangerous, it should be noted that over 80 percent of red light violation accidents occur after the light has been red for 5 seconds or more, while over 80 percent of violations occur within the first second of the light being red.

    I don't view his action as particularly dangerous.

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    A lot depends on what his load was. He was definitly loaded by the way he rode. A large truck heavily loaded can't stop as fast as a smaller car. I see a lot of truckers doing a lot worse than that. They will often cross the line completely and then ride the shoulder on the wrong side of the road to make a turn.
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    Seeing as the other light hadn't turned green yet and he was already rolling I don't see anything wrong with what he did.

    A fully loaded truck can stop faster than you think with cooled brakes, air brakes are powerful.
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    I say keep the train going. They were all in a line anyhow!

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