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Thread: FRAC the enviro-goonies! <rant>

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    FRAC the enviro-goonies! <rant>

    The latest movement to restrict industry and hobble our productive capacity comes from…guess who? The greenies…again. The news is full of yet more articles that promote fear mongering by blaming the hydraulic fracturing process (commonly known as frac’ing, or just plain fracing) used to retrieve trapped gas in underground shale and coal formations for contaminated underground water and earthquakes. Yes, you read that correctly: earthquakes.
    When one thinks of real earthquakes, things like California and Candlestick Park or Haiti spring to mind. Fracing is the current scapegoat for minor tremors in Arkansas. Never mind that Arkansas has been experiencing earthquakes along the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ), an active fault system, for years according to the Arkansas Geological Survey ( ). The greenies would have us believe that the minor tremors are the result of nearby fracing operations. Once again, the major news blames what could be natural occurrences on their favorite whipping boy, the evil oil industry.
    When the Huffington Post reports that fracing’s purpose is to dispose of wastewater from drilling, they fail to include pertinent facts. Facts like that is not the purpose of fracing. Fracing’s purpose is to recover natural gas trapped in the rock. Yes, fracing uses wastewater from drilling, as well as other things like sand and chemicals, under high pressure to retrieve the trapped gas. Much of what is injected into the rock formation is recovered. The American Association of Petroleum Geologists’ correspondent, Louise Durham, reports that 10 to 25 percent of the injected fluids are recovered in a frac job ( ). To a rational thinking person, this constitutes recycling and reusing materials that would otherwise be considered waste. But, whoever said the greenies were rational?
    Consider the location of the tremors and quakes. They occur along the NMSZ, which stretches from Cairo, Illinois to Marked Tree, Arkansas. If fracing were responsible, would it not be reasonable to assume that wherever fracing takes place, an earthquake is going to occur? Not necessarily, says Cliff Frohlich, a geophysicist at The University of Texas at Austin ( ). While the injection process of fracing may cause small tremors, there is no scientific evidence that they are man-induced, because tectonic movement occurs naturally. If the tremors are caused by fracing, then why are there not earthquakes all over the country where fracing operations take place?
    While there could be some correlation between fracing sites and tremors, especially if the fracing occurs in or near a fault, the greenies are quick to push for more overregulation and more state and federal control over the energy industry. The truth is, there is no data to substantiate their claim that fracing causes earthquakes. So I say, “Frac ‘em.”

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    I think it's a miracle this country hasn't collapsed yet... that any small business can function. That anyone other than useless eater government "workers" and the shyster class (politicians, lawyers and "finance" people) is even getting a paycheck.

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