Obviously, guys will not have this problem. But, any ladies will understand....and you guys will probably laugh your butts off.

After bailing out the Elky from getting the headers and stuff installed, I was going to do a little work on it. I went to the parts store and got oil, oil filter, and a new K&N air filter, and the thermostat sensor.

When I crawled under the car the first time to check the bolt on the oil pan and the oil filter, I slid under from the from of the car. Plenty of clearance. No problem.

When I backed it out of the garage to actually change the oil, my husband laughed his a$$ off at me because I slid, or rather I tried to slide, under the car from the side. I didn't get very far because - oops!- my boobs got in the way and I physically could not get any further underneath the car.

Apparently, you have to be flat-chested to slide under a low-clearance vehicle without putting the vehicle up on ramps.

<sigh> It's always something......