She's a sweet lady but a terrible driver - a Clover of the first degree.

Here's the latest evidence:

She came to visit us this weekend, arriving - if you can call it that - Friday evening. She'd originally told us to expect her around 5 p.m. BY six thirty she hadn't shown and we could not reach her on the phone. We started to worry because the last time we'd heard from her was about two hours earlier when she was just outside of Mt. Airy, NC and near US 221 at Hillsville. This is appx. 60 miles from us. On a road with a posted speed limit of 55 MPH; the major north-south "rural highway" that divides the county. Most people are running around 60-65 MPH. Not my MIL. It took her about two hours to make the 60 mile trip. My sixth grader mathematical abilities tell me she was averaging about 35 mph the whole way. On a road with a posted limit of 55.

Can you imagine the conga line?

My wife got to experience this the next day when they two of them went downtown - to Roanoke, about 35 miles away on the same 55 MPH road. Took 'em 45 minutes. She said Mom never got much above 45 MPH.

The worst part is that Mom doesn't have any idea she's a Clover. She thinks her driving is reasonable and that all those other people - the ones stacked up behind her - are "pushy speeders."

Just some insight into the Cloverian mindset!