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Thread: Racing Racing and MORE Racing

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    Racing Racing and MORE Racing

    Holy Smokes. How things change in 7 days!

    This past weekend we finally had the kickoff to the F1 season! In Melbourne Australia we saw a "?" race.

    1) How would the Pirelli tires perform after replacing Bridgestone? Answer: a) Although the soft compound griped in a very Pirelli fashion - When they had more that 10 laps they became scary. Also, the new Pirelli softs do not "rubber up" the track. Evidently the engineers at Pirelli will attempt to address this. The hard compound tires were very similar to Bridgestones: You need to run 30 laps or so, and yeah they are real slow.

    2) How would the "opening wing" perform. On straightaways this is very helpful as downforce may not be needed and the increase in speed is significant. Cars must be in F1A guidelines to deploy the open wing.

    3) OK you are being chased by a fast car and he is less than a car length behind you in a "wing" zone. Well you push the inertia button! These speed burst buttons are not new. Indy has used them for a while. It seemed they were used early in the race and it helps you fight off the attacking open wings.

    Now the race was won by Sebastian Vettel. He passed Louis Hamilton and had everyone chasing him from that point on. Hamilton finished second. To complete the podium Russian driver - Vitaly Petrov showed he has what it takes to compete in this circuit. Mark Webber who finished fifth was mixing it up with the other drivers and was penalized twice. I guess that is what a fast car and a bad attitude will do for you. Sadly, both Mercedes cars where DNF's. Michael Schumacher had mechanical trouble and Nico Rosberg was the victim of another overly aggressive driver.

    The track in Melbourne is a jewel and major challenge all rolled into one!

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