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Thread: Government Thieves Steal Basketball Poles

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    Government Thieves Steal Basketball Poles

    Hopefully this guy sues, he has plenty of evidence.

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    The city has a right-of-way, in most municipalites - about 10 feet. Your property isn't at the curb - it's about 10' behind. The people who put basketball hoops on the right-of-way are in violation of this. They should read their deed.

    Further, if they want this 'entertainment' for their children, then put it in the back or right over the garage. It's already a law, the city doesn't need to argue the law - it's already legal - end of story.

    Unfortunately, there are many people who want to claim all sorts of 'rights' - in my instance: Parking unhitched travel trailers on the street (for months on end), parking unused autos in their front yard (off the drive way), parking the entire length of the driveway - right into the street - obstructing the sidewalks.

    Believe it or not - this is in a neighborhood with $750,000 homes. I really get tired of this sh!t. And I do make 311 calls, and it works.

    I don't blame the cops at all. Further the trailer trash in that video doesn't stand a chance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dieseleverything View Post
    Hopefully this guy sues, he has plenty of evidence.

    This is one of the many reasons why we left the 'burbs. No neighbors ten feet away; no HOA. I can shoot my gun in my backyard - naked as a jaybird, too, if I want.

    But, Doug's also right. When you sign up for suburbia, you have to put up with neighbors and they have to put up with you, too. I can appreciate the dude's anger (the owner of the hoop) but, having lived in a very similar neighborhood myself, I can also appreciate the frustration of the other neighbor who called the oinks - because he was probably sick of loud teens thumping dey basseballs at all hours - and possibly denting other people's cars, too.

    If you don't want to deal with HOAs and petty fuhrers, leave the burbs and get some land.

    Space - and elbow room - are the linchpins of liberty.

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    I feel no sympathy for the people who live in suburbs and I completely understand the right of way. If the guy really did get letters from the city he should have had the pole taken down.

    But when the city removed his pole don't you think they could do him the courtesy of putting on his property, like she said they would? But then in his area maybe the pole was property of the government. If this happened to me I'd at least want my's worth something in scrap, after all. Of course that city idiot doesn't have the means to cut up the pole and haul it off anyways.

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