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Thread: The Taiwan news folks nail it again

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    The Taiwan news folks nail it again

    A sign you've made it, as a large company, is not paying taxes.

    Chip H.

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    I agree. The goal of the tax system is to eliminate the middle class, so that Amerika will end up having only two classes: the ruling elite and the 'workers', or the poverty class. Sounds a bit like post-Czarist Russia, doesn't it?

    From the entrepreneur's viewpoint, it makes sense to incorporate overseas where the regulations and tax laws are less severe and less restrictive. Heck, you can go to Hong Kong and start a business in three days. Here, it takes months of red tape and licensing and permissions.....and a tax break, if you're lucky. It's no wonder that businesses are leaving in droves from places like California in favor of other places.

    I guess that is Twitter's incentive to base in Cali. Personally, if I were Twitter, I would go offshore because Cali, along with the rest of the nation, is going down the tubes.

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