Eric I enjoyed your article on the Texas Speed Limit Change. Now if some other states would get it through their thick skulls.

You know what I really hate? Stop signs out in the middle of nowhere. Now I am not talking about the ones that you guys have in many places back east where there are blind corners everywhere. I am talking about the stop signs where you can see AT LEAST a mile in all directions on flat ground. If I just blew the stop sign after I have slowed down you never know that car a mile away might crash into me . If he doesn't a cop sure will be happy to inform me of my recklessly UNSAFE BEHAVIOR. We have to be scarred and paranoid all the time (isn't that part of the Clover Crede?).

I am from Idaho and I didn't realize until I spent a year and a half in Virginia how tyrannical most State Police and DOTs are. i.e. Traffic stops to enforce licensing, annual vehicle inspections (WTF! If I want to drive it, I should be able to drive it), and the old it applies-to-everything reckless driving charge. For a state that has the motto: Sic Semper Tyrranis, it has come a long way from that motto and its roots. Plus hardly anyone in Virginia even nows their motto let alone care about the traffic checkpoints. It figures. At least half or more are receiving some compensation from the almighty Gov. Do you think that they will be willing to stand up to the system whom they are getting their bribes from?

Enough Said.