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Thread: Welcome to the Redistribution of Wealth

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    Welcome to the Redistribution of Wealth

    As I sit here this week and struggle through the tax software, carving out pounds of flesh to pay the IRS (Income Redistribution Scum), I came across this little news ditty about a family who will receive a $54,000 tax refund.

    My first thoughts were "Oh, they reaaallly overpaid" or "Wow, they must have earned a lot to have paid in enough to receive that kind of a refund." How silly of me~

    Said family only earns $39,000 per year. Through changes in the tax codes, and mostly through the adoption credit they have claimed in previous years, they are now able to receive money that they never paid in the first place.

    $54,000 worth of other people's money.

    After all, that is what a tax credit is. Just like the "Making Work Pay" credit. One can claim the credit and receive money that one never paid into the system.

    "How can this be?", we ask. Once again, the answer is simply the same old wealth redistribution scheme: Steal from those who produce wealth and give it to those who don't.

    As a taxpayer, this should infuriate you, as it infuriates me. If not for this inane system, my household would be able to keep a significant percentage of our income, and use it to better our world as we see fit. We could use it to better our own standard of living. We could use it to send our children to college. We could use it to help family members who are struggling financially. We could use it to better our communities by supporting charitable causes that we deem worthy. Or, we could just save it and produce more wealth. The point is, it is our money and we should be the ones to decide how it is spent.

    Instead, our money (and YOUR money) is forcibly stolen from us and given to people like the Ward family and others who claim 'credits' that they have no moral or ethical right to receive. In my opinion, they are as guilty of theft as the system that perpetuates this assault on personal property.

    When are we going to abolish the IRS?

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    Actually, it's not the IRS. It's congress. They write the tax laws that the IRS enforces. Said laws are deliberately made difficult to understand. The reason being, many of the laws are written to benefit certain lobbyists. I remember seeing one law regarding trucking companies. The law gave credits to comapnies that met certain criteria. There was only ONE company that could take advantage and it was a big contributor to the Senator who introduced the bill that became law.

    It's easy to complain about the IRS. I don't particularly LIKE to pay taxes but don't have much choice. I live in this country. I benefit from the services that country provides. The military protects my home. The DOT builds the roads I travel. Complain all you want but I really don't want to live in another country. A lot of what people gripe about, other countries would love to have.
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