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    I'm thinking to just let my Panasonic spin.

    I think it has around 45 min on a 1 gig card.

    Do you have issues with running out of batteries?

    Going to look at the small wonder now.

    I'll be making a mount this weekend.

    That is hot shit.
    Not sure they sell the small wonder any more. I've been running this since like 2007. It has some quirks when the card fills up but otherwise has worked well and has survived being dropped. Last time I dropped it I cracked some plastic that I epoxied back in place. I've also modded the case to try and run it off the CLA, but that attempt failed because the CLA power supply is unreliable for this application. The original tripod mount eventually failed. Maybe a year ago or so? I used some epoxy putty and an M5 threaded insert to fix it.

    I use rechargeable batteries. NiMh AAs. They last about 3 hours when working well. at low rez on the 2gig card I get ~240mins and there's an additional 60mins of internal memory. Energizer batteries and a energizer fast charger at first but they don't perform well. I then bought harbor freight batteries and still used the fast charger and they worked better. I invested in a good charger and have continued using cheap harbor freight batteries. It sounds odd but it's worked well. At a less than a $1 per cell the HF AA's have worked very well being treated nice by the fancy charger. I might buy some good sanyo cells yet. Forget alkaline batteries, this camera eats them up FAST.

    I forgot the bulk of the mount is just a pipe hanger bent into the needed shape. The additional parts a recent add for the new car but I found it gives a better picture in the mazda so it stays that way. For the '97 I have to take it apart and flip the camera to the other side of the mount. (just differences in the seat, windshield, etc to get the right view)

    Uploaded another:

    Simple two lane merge over cut off... plus braking.
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