Dominic xxxxx

April 21, 2011

To: The Head Post Master

Dear Sir,

today marks the third time we have received a package and have been unable to actually get it because the key provided to us (key left in our box to open the lower box) does not open the lower box on community mail box. Each time the key fits poorly, is damaged, or breaks when we try to use it. The first two times this happened we wrote letters and left them in our box. The first time it took a few tries (letters) before the letter was even read and our package sat in the lower box for almost a week before someone delivered it to our home. The second time it happened we decided we had enough and requested the USPS either deliver our packages to our home, or just keep them at the Front Royal PO. The fact this is still happening is unacceptable. There will be a copy of this letter delivered to the Northern Virginia district office, Front Royal office, one in my mail box, one taped to the front of my mail box, and a copy of this sent to USPS via email through the USPS website.

Thank you,