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Thread: A slight ground clearance problem

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    A slight ground clearance problem

    You'd think they'd have tried it before the event, wouldn't you?

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    LMAO! That one gets the "best-video-of-the-day" award!

    And after they made such a big stink about his safety glass hotel windows and armor-proofed car....hahahahaha!

    Why am I not surprised? It just par-for-the-course for Obozo.

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    Yeah, leave it to Obummer to turn the Presidential Limousine into the Presidential Lowrider.

    He beez stylin ann sheet, maing!
    If we should give Abraham Lincoln credit for uniting America, then we should give Adolf Hitler credit for uniting Europe, as both men used the same methods for the same goals.

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    That's the presdential limo - they call it "The Beast",2933,452088,00.html
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