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Thread: Elky's first road trip

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    Elky's first road trip

    On May 6, I took the Elky to the First Annual NECOA Invitational in Belton, TX. No, I didn't win any awards. But, we had (I think...may be off a vehicle or two) 76 El Caminos registered at the event. I didn't know there were that many within driving distance. Even curiouser is the fact that they all showed up!

    Here are some pics of all those Elkys - 1st gen thru 5th gen, some clunkers, some reeeaaaalllly expensive (as in they did not even drive to the event, but rather had their cars transported in a trailer) show cars, and some middle-of-the-road cars...or crucks, or trars...whatever~

    I'm the cook......and NO FAT JOKES! I readily admit that I look like crap with no makeup, my hair isn't done, and I'm wearing crappy car-working clothes. I had fun~

    The El Camino outperformed my expectations. I was fully prepared to be stuck on the side of the road awaiting a tow truck, but I made it the 140 miles there and 140 miles back without incident. Woohoo!
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