I'm not gentle when it comes to young drivers. My thoughts are "hang up and drive!!!". These last few days are getting me to think that maybe it's not all the kids at fault.

Yesterday I was heading down a recently improved road. Four huge lanes, clear lines of sight and straight as an arrow. There was a yard sale on this road. The speed limit is 40 and there is no parking allowed on the road. I'm coming down the road right at the speed limit. A truck ahead of me was dawdling so I move over to the left lane which is wide open. As I pass the truck, I nearly get head on by a woman in a Jeep who has backed out of the driveway in the wrong direction and is heading north in the south bound lanes. I'm glad I keep my brakes up as I missed her by inches.

Today, I'm backing out of a parking space and an older woman flies by me and swerves to get around me, clipping a parked car. Radial tires don't squeal like older tires but she managed to do it because of speed goin g through the parking lot.

Lastly, I'm driving my pickup this evening. It's a heavy duty 4X4. It isn't lifted beyond what the factory designed but it does sit high. I slowed because the road was washed out by recent heavy rains. An older woman felt I wasn't going fast enough so she came around me really fast. I've never seen the entire rear wheel assembly ripped out of a car before but I did today. She hit the wash out so hard it tore the rear suspension completely out of the car. She complained to the Deputy who showed up about the slow traffic holding her up. I told him I was the slow traffic becuse my truck wouldn't have been able to make it through the wash out without a winch.

All three of these reminded me of the old woman on "World Worst Drivers" who drove around two sets of barricades into a flooded underpass. She then complained that they needed to put up barricades to keep people from doing that.