Mods, you may delete this if you think it isn't appropriate. I figured I would share this since there more than a couple of us that do most of our own maintenance.

I have found a way to combine two things I and saving money. Advance AutoParts has an online presence where you can order your parts online then pick them up at the store. It's really sweet, but it gets even better than that.

They regularly post some substantial coupons as well. Combined with one of the many discount sites, it really become a lot of money.

For example, I had to replace the radiator fan in my wife's Jeep last weekend. The part on the website was $99.99. (my favorite discount site) had a coupon code for $30 off $100 and then by clicking through their site I got an additional 5% cashback.

I could have ordered a cheap airfreshener, but got a circuitbreaker for my daughter's Powerwheels Jeep that I've "modified" so that $3.49 pushed me over $100. My total was:

Fan $99.99
Breaker $3.49
SubTotal $103.48
Discounts -$30
Tax $4.41
Total $77.89
(5% cashback on $103.48 was deposited in my account)

I saved 34% just on this order over what I would have paid just walking in to buy the parts!