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Thread: Parkng meter maggots

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    Parkng meter maggots

    Harrisburg is so broke they are thinking about privatizing the parking meters:

    Chicago has already done this, and people have f*cked up a lot of the meters - filled them with pennies, spray painted the glass, super glue, epoxy, and expanding foam (I like this idea the best):

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    Yanno, some people just don't get it. The guy who said you don't sell valuable assets to cover budget shortfalls is a moron. Why else do you have assets??? Answer: so you can sell them when you need the money.

    I say sell 'em. As we read later in the article...a bidder is standing by. Someone will buy assets. Think of it in simpler terms: A garage sale. Stuff you have that you think is totally worthless is the stuff other people will buy. Example: You have a cheap glass flower vase leftover from ten years ago when your husband sent you roses for your anniversary. You consider throwing it in the trash, but put it in the garage sale instead. Customer Kim Li who owns a flower shop buys it from you for $1 because her distributor charges her $2 a piece for the cheap glass vases. You now have $1 that you did not have before. You can use that $1 to pay off part of a debt.

    Cities, municipalities, counties, states, and governments can all sell assets to pay off part of their debts. New Zealand did it and was quite successful in privatizing many of their public entities, or abolishing them altogether. Within two years after doing so, most of the laid off employees had found other employment or had started their own businesses. Look at New Zealand today. They are an example of how to recover from oversized government and rebuild a profitable economy.

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    The problem is that when a government entity sells an asset it goes to politically connected insider companies who then get some of the powers of government along with it. They also buy it for pennies on the dollar.

    See Chicago's sale of the parking meters... one giant theft.

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