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Thread: Update on Texas TSA legislation

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    Update on Texas TSA legislation

    Well, originally, the House passed the bill, and it had overwhelming support in the Senate....until Lt. Gov. Dewhurst caved in to threats from the TSA to suspend air traffice in Texas if the bill was passed.

    The legislative session ended, so the bill went to Gov. Perry's agenda for his special session.

    Our bonehead Speaker of the House, Joe Strauss, removed the bill from the agenda. Thousands of phone calls later, and with almost full support from the Senate, he was forced to include it. The Senate overwhelmingly approved it, but changed some of the language in it.

    The bill was sent back to the House for approval of the final language because...are you ready for this? The Senate said they wanted the language changed to put more 'teeth' in the bill and make it stronger!


    The TSA should know better than to threaten the home base of the only profitable airline (Southwest Airlines) in America right now - anybody can figure out that that just isn't going to happen.

    Arm yourselves, folks, to hammer at your own state legislators to adopt similar legislation.

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    I'm glad to hear it, but not hopeful. The other morning Mike Church made a very good point that it may actually be Southwest and the other airline (United?) based in Texas that are fighting hardest against this.

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    The bill unfortunately failed. I have mixed feelings about it anyway. I don't think it would have done much as the legislature had watered it down pretty well. What would have been nice would have been the symbolic victory that would have resulted, much like the 65 mph speed limit was way back in 1987. It helped put the nail in the coffin of federal control over speed limits. This would have happened with the anti-TSA bill.

    Hell, if I was governor of Texas, I would deploy the Texas DPS and pull every one of those blue shirted thugs out by their collars and shipped them off to a far away place for questioning.

    Of course, there would be a full scale revolt at the airports and the feds may get ugly, but what the hell?

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    The TSA threat was empty - they wouldn't have shut the airports down, they would have posted a sign similar to the ones they already have for Venezuela. I took this in the Atlanta airport a few months ago.

    Chip H.

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    Dead and as worthless as those 10th Ammendment Resolutions. Fact is, every state is a lapdog to DC now. This was nothing more than an election stunt so that those in the legislature could claim, "I tried" and get reelected.

    We shouldn't even be called a Republic anymore. With courts operating under the "Incorporation Doctrine" we've become a National Democracy. Lincoln's dream has been realized and all the nation and its people are merely subjects to the DC masters.

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    Here is a new legislation regarding marriage. I hope this could help your awareness when marrying somebody. Newlyweds and already-weds should be familiar with the marriage penalty, where the tax effects of legal marriage mean paying more. Who will pay it modifications year-to-year, due to changing tax codes, but there are ways to figure out if that's coming down the pike.

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