Well, originally, the House passed the bill, and it had overwhelming support in the Senate....until Lt. Gov. Dewhurst caved in to threats from the TSA to suspend air traffice in Texas if the bill was passed.

The legislative session ended, so the bill went to Gov. Perry's agenda for his special session.

Our bonehead Speaker of the House, Joe Strauss, removed the bill from the agenda. Thousands of phone calls later, and with almost full support from the Senate, he was forced to include it. The Senate overwhelmingly approved it, but changed some of the language in it.

The bill was sent back to the House for approval of the final language because...are you ready for this? The Senate said they wanted the language changed to put more 'teeth' in the bill and make it stronger!


The TSA should know better than to threaten the home base of the only profitable airline (Southwest Airlines) in America right now - anybody can figure out that that just isn't going to happen.

Arm yourselves, folks, to hammer at your own state legislators to adopt similar legislation.