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Thread: GM Parade of Progress

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    GM Parade of Progress

    I ran across this - is it real?

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    That's incredible. Thanks for posting.

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    Yes, they are/were real. I saw the show as a kid in Albany NY. I remember being particularly impressed with the dual front tires, and with the stairs from the front door to the driver's seat.
    Each unit had a sizable stage, and each had a different show or display. First place I saw a microwave oven, or a factory dream car.
    Each unit had a rack of fluorescent lamps (then very new technology) that telescoped way up from the roof and did a nice job of illuminating the area around the unit. The Albany show was in a public park that didn't have lights of its own, as was true of much of America at the time.
    There was a TV feature going around a year or so ago about their history and efforts to restore a few. GM got quite a lot of mileage out of them before they fell into disrepair. Slow mileage; they were woefully underpowered, at 230-ish BHP, with too few gears, including one range gear that you had to climb down from the seat to change. Recent web pages mentioned 400 BHP, but that must be a repower; the original engine was from a period GMC truck.
    They also originally had a bubble roof, which was unbearably hot without air conditioning, so the roof was redone as you see in the illustration.
    A search should turn up enough reading to keep you busy for a few hours.

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