I went out to get in my car yesterday ('01 Mountaineer), and my rearview mirror had fallen off. It was just hanging there by the electronics clip.

I think the extreme heat got to it and just melted the adhesive, so I need to reattach it.

I know I have to scrape off the old adhesive (from the metal button and the windshield glass) with a single-edge razor blade, and clean it thoroughly with alchohol before applying new adhesive.

My question is: Is there a particular brand that is better? eHow.com had an article that says the 2-step epoxy is the best, and to wait 24 hrs instead of 30 minutes before remounting the mirror. Ok - that makes sense. I just don't know if I am going to find a time when the temperature is down to the ideal 76 degrees~

I found an auto parts store that has a 3M adhesive 'kit', and also a 3M 2-part epoxy. Has anyone else used anything different? Better? Worse?

Input, please....