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Thread: Field tests fail again....

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    Field tests fail again....

    Grandmother jailed after oil mistaken for heroin

    This time motor oil is declared heroin because of a war on (some) drugs field testing kit. It is my belief that these field tests almost always return positive no matter what is tested. That the tests are just another fraud like the red light cameras, the federal reserve, and going way back the monster eating the sun in an eclipse. Use a little science most people don't understand to run a fraud.

    I don't think the cops and border agents and all the other thugs and little people working for government know that these are scams. I believe they are convinced like most of the population that these things are all legit. They only test what they believe to be illegal drugs so not seeing a negative test often or at all doesn't get their interest. But every so often there's a story where they tested something that would be absurd to test (usually because it's out of context like this motor oil in a jar) and it comes back positive.

    But how many people don't have a squeaky clean background, resources, and friends like this woman? The poor people cops normally pick on for field drug busts for instance? How many of them ended up in prison for some everyday substance?

    But the population is mostly gullible suckers for this crap so we all end up suffering.

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    Good grief. It is another instance of guilty until proven innocent. Isn't it scary how we have turned into a police state?

    And yes, it does make me wonder how many innocents are wasting away in prisons for similar bad test results.

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