I've been thinking again. (Pass the aspirin.) All the car companies spend mucho bucks to come up with a name that will sell cars, is unique and memorable. For instance, once Ford brought out a car called Mustang, they've kept the name in use for nearly 50 years. The Camaro came back after an 8 year hiatus. The same with the Charger and Challenger over at Chrysler.

With all the car companies trying to "go green" with hybrids and electric cars, GM has the perfect name just collecting dust. If Buick was to introduce a hybrid luxoboat, they could call it the "Electra". This would appeal to the young upwardly mobile crowd who wants to buy green and older people that decide to try a hybrid could go with a name they know and trust.

With all the money that I'm sure Buick is spending on names, why let a good name with a long heritige fade away?