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Thread: Reference book on biofuels available cheap!

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    Post Reference book on biofuels available cheap!

    Thought some of you might find this of interest for your bookshelf. I got a copy for reference and thought it was well worth the reduced (remaindered) price. Wouldn't have paid full price for it or any other book costing that much...

    Reference the item number and add $3.50 for postage and handling if sending a check or money order. Edward R. Hamilton is an excellent outfit and ships quickly.
    [remaindered books; print order form yourself to order with a check or money order, no credit cards or online ordering through this site]
    [same firm but takes credit cards online at slightly higher price]


    Edited By Ahindra Nag

    Offers a state of the art guide that explores the chemistry of biofuels, the latest refining processes, and major performance characteristics. You will find the complete discussions of the theory and experimental procedures used to prepare biofuels economically.

    312 pages
    Published byMcGraw-Hill [2007]
    Item # 2576198
    ISBN 0071489703
    ISBN13 9780071489706
    Remainder Pub at $125.00 Your Price $14.95 [+ 3.50 S&H]

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    An interesting topic. With petroleum levels steadily decreasing around the world bio fuels may become a world savior to the combustible engine industry. Already in places like Brazil bio fuels are the norm. How long before industrialized nations start using this on a regular basis and nix gasoline as we know it today? Thank you for tipping us on this very good read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam View Post
    With petroleum levels steadily decreasing around the world
    Not to nitpick...well maybe a little...they aren't decreasing. There are more proven reserves now than at any point in the past and it's going up all the time. The problem is that governments, especially ours, are making them inaccessible. That's the reason for the alleged shortage.

    Having said that, I'm still a fan of biodiesel. Used to heat my workshop with 100% homemade BD and supplemented my homeheating with it as well. Had a sweet arrangement with a local italian place to take their used fryer oil once a week.

    Quit making it when I switched my home to natural gas.
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