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Thread: Euro site for downloading free textbooks with ads

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    Post Euro site for downloading free textbooks with ads

    If you're looking to add to your library, it might be fun to check out this site:
    (There is also a US mirror site.)

    In exchange for their "free" status, these textbooks contain ads. Hey, you get what you pay for, right?

    While some of the texts take a Euro-lefty pro-environmental view on certain topics, I still found some good ones to download and print for my reference and use. Here are some titles some of you motorheads might find of interest. The PDF files are typically about 75–120 pages.

    Atmospheric pollution

    Bioethanol: Science and technology of fuel alcohol

    Energy supply in the earlier industrial era


    The 2010 GulfCoast Oil Spill

    The bioethanol book is actually more honest about the potential problems and shortcomings of that fuel than are many other ethanol advocates.

    These books are college-level and do contain higher math and extensive technical analysis where necessary. Much of the material is based on college lectures in Britain and elsewhere in Europe. In fact, the site has a load of books with higher math and science as subjects. In particular I found the nanotechnology books very worthwhile, as I have had an interest in this field since Eric Drexler's original book Engines of Creation appeared over 20 years ago. If nothing else some of these textbooks could serve for a quick review.

    If you keep the authors' Euro viewpoints in mind on environmental issues and filter it mentally as you believe you need, you will still get much useful material. Some topics of BookBoon books do not lend themselves to that kind of bias anyway (e.g., calculus, heat transfer, etc.).

    If you download a book and don't care for the views expressed, remember that I was upfront about that. When I posted a link to the bioethanol book on the BobIsTheOilGuy forums months back, another member actually attacked me personally for posting the link, so I'm a bit gunshy about that. That's one reason I quit being active there...
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