I'm not sure if this is going to be in the right section, if not administrators feel free to move it. Anyway I am fixing to order 5 carfax reports on Saturday but will only be using 2 of them. If anyone wants a report ran, I'm willing to run up to 3 of them for $10 each via paypal payment and I'll email the report to you for your viewing or pinting at your discretion. Here's your your chance to get one ran, at a fraction of the cost which would normally be $35 per report from them. I am not making any profit off of this, as the price I'm paying is $45 for 5 reports, which is $9 each plus paypal fees that they'll take out of the payment you send me. Just email me at biker_lbf_406@hotmail.com if you want a report ran. First come first serve.