Sorry folks, no pictures. I am just offering a clover alert for the state of Mississippi. Having just returned from a trip from Houston to Mississippi and back, I have concluded that Mississippi is full of clovers. They are absolutely the worst drivers I have ever encountered.

The route I took was basic: I-10 all the way. Upon exiting I-10 in Mississippi, I got stuck behind the Clover Queen. Yes, I know that as a Southerner, I should be respectful and nice to little old ladies. I should have said something like "Well, bless her heart" instead of the stream of expletives that gushed forth while I was driving behind her. I should be nicer to little old blue-haired lady drivers. But, the lady in question almost caused me to get rear-ended by a big truck.

Back to the scenario...taking the exit ramp from one Interstate onto another, the ramp makes a cloverleaf turn. Remember, we are exiting the interstate highway, traveling at speeds of 70+ mph. She brakes into the turn, slowing to 10 mph. I think the posted speed for the turn was something like 40. As a result, I have to brake and slow to 10 mph because I am directly behind her. Directly behind me is a big semi whose driver has to veer onto the shoulder to avoid hitting me.

Then...yes, she actually did this...after she is through the turn and on the part of the entrance ramp where she should have been accelerating to join the speed of the oncoming traffic, she stops and puts on her blinker! Luckily, there was no oncoming traffic, but her actions posed a danger to those of us behind her since we all had to stop, too.

I was sorely tempted to ease up to her bumper and push her onto the highway.

Be very wary of Mississippi drivers.