It broke my heart to see a young person holding up a sign that read: "Capitalism is the crisis".

Karl Marx felt the same way. I lived for 27 years during the cold war. I lived behind the iron curtain shortly after communism fell and now just 20 years later the younger generation has been taught by fat-asses like Michael Moore that capitalism is the problem and socialism and collectivism is the answer.

America does not have capitalism. People are not free to use their capital as they wish. They are told how to use it by the gov. via regulations and taxation. That is not a free market that is not capitalism, that is crony-capitalism or corporatism even fascism. When the gov controls capital and is influenced by business.

OWS street it turning into a liberal tea party movement with their demands for a "living wage" and "free health care" etc...

I won't be joining those people anytime soon. I'm waiting for the protest that advocates: little or no gov., little or no taxation, little or no street cops, personal responsibility, personal freedom, hard work, pride, self-esteem and respect for each others rights.

The problem is: Americans don't know the difference between right and wrong. They think taking money from one person to pay for health care for another is right. I learned in kindergarten that is stealing, regardless what the thief uses the money for.