Now wait a minute. Anytime anyone mentions the fact that middle-easterners might resent U.S. military presence in the middle-east they are ridiculed as a nut-job or conspiracy theorist. They would have you believe that everyone in the middle-east welcomes U.S. military presence there with open arms.

But now if a middle-eastern country wants to move ships into international waters in the Gulf of Mexico they are considered a threat? So lemme get this straight: the U.S. military invades, bombs and kills middle-easterners and that's not a threat to middle-easterners. Middle-easterners navigate their boats in international waters harming no one and Americans see them as a threat.

I don't think Americans understand the definition of the word threat or terrorism for that matter. I also think Americans are selfish, gutless little cowards who cry in their pillows at night and play with themselves.

Serve up the tea Alice cuz we're down the rabbit hole.