Security Butt-Monkeys: gung-ho, self important, ill informed, unedumacated fools are lurking everywhere, ready to 'spoil your day'.

These people don't know about the Constitution, nor the Bill or Rights, nor common sense. They are weak, and take every chance to bully citizens minding their own business.

Passing gas is now grounds for assulting a police officer:

I have two friends who were asked not to take pictures (of public buildings, on public property), and were threatened by Security. Even though these Security people are dead wrong, they sometimes have the authority to really mess up an enjoyable day. Obviously, this all flies in the face of innocent until proven guilty.

A father taking pictures of his daughter at a shopping center near Glasgow, Scotland, says he was banned from the mall and threatened with having his camera phone confiscated in the interest of preventing terrorism when he refused to delete the photos