I thought that a debate was among two sides. Not 6 or 8 sides/people.

It is 14 months till the election. IMO the Media is trivializing our already bankrupt political process another notch down.

The running of our country has been turned into a reality / entertainment event.

Let's see - the strongest, richest, influential country in the world is going to be run with 2 minute sound bytes. After all, who will want to listen to more?

I believe the Lincoln / Douglas debates were 3 hours.

Additionally, does anyone believe that we will actually have a significant change in our laws? As an example - Herman Cain wants the 9-9-9 plan. Good / bad / indifferent - do you think that the US Congress will actually vote for a sweeping change in our laws? Since it hasn't ever done so before.

Think about it - if you rewrite the tax code, to a flat, simple tax: this would eliminate the: IRS, many CPA's, tax prep services, tax attorneys, tax prep software - do you think these people and their special intrests will let this happen? Of course not.

When one considers this, I think it's obvious the only event that will right this current situation is failure. The election doesn't matter anymore.