Saw one of these this morning hanging in the back window: "Baby onboard"

I donít get it. Do people actually change the way they drive depending on whether there is a baby human in a car vs. a non-baby human?

Can someone make sure THOSE people put a sign in their back window that says: "I drive safer around you if you have a baby onboard"?

I guess the idea is to make sure the baby grows up to be an adult so we donít have to drive as safely? Complete stupidity.

If you want to make sure others don't threaten your safety on the road then put a sign in your window that says:

"I never check my blindspot". Nobody will come near you.

And this woman with the sign in her window this morning was smoking! The message here: as the parent I don't want you to endanger my childs life, that's my job.

I may have to start drinking at work.