"The parents of an eighth grader who was fatally shot by police inside his South Texas school are demanding to know why officers took lethal action, but police said the boy was brandishing and refused to drop what appeared to be a handgun but was actually a pellet gun and that the officers acted correctly."

How is it the officers acted correctly in murdering a boy with a toy?

I guess there's no need to have probable cause or verify there's an imminent threat to their safety for the cops to shoot anyone anymore. All they have to do is "think" - I know, sounds funny when talking about cops - there's a threat and they can start blasting away.

That's good news for the rest of us. Next time a cop pulls you over, you can "think" he's a threat since he has a real gun, tell him to drop it and if he refuses then start blasting away on him and you will be "acting correctly".

What kind of animal does this and what kind of animals justify it?

I guess all parents who have kids with toy guns need to be on high alert. Your son could be killed for "brandishing a water pistol"