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Thread: NTSB wants to ban talking on cellphones while driving

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    Not quite my erudite friend. On the basis of your argument, if a LEO fulfills a full shift without observing and dealing with any misdemeanour he is non-productive. Does not the fact, for example, that his mere presence may have prevented a crime count for nothing?
    It counts of course, but the bottom line is if he's tasked with enforcing laws A and B, and B is more effective but he sends 60 minutes on B, that's 60 minute he isn't spending enforcing A. Anything his mere presence might stop isn't going to be affected by this choice, but laws he has to actively enforce will be.

    The function of our beat and traffic police is to patrol, observe and deal with any infringement of any law that they observe being broken and provide aid and assistance at any emergency they encounter.
    And therein lies the problem, because not all laws are as effective or worth enforcing. LEOs like to say the can't pick and choose which laws they enforce, but that's a government bureaucrat mindset. All choices carry opportunity cost, it's a mere fact of life. So while enforcing any law on the books technically counts as 'doing their job', the police are not immune from the reality of limited time and resources that afflicts us all.

    And that's why making something illegal when it's not per se harmful can actually cause problems. Because you've got cops 'cracking' down on something which might have lead to some harm, but the time they spend doing it is time not spent enforcing other laws which may turn out to be more critical. So you can get a net negative result which no one wants.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Catsie View Post
    The heck it isn't. If a 70-year-old or even older has a clean driving record, no accidents, and isn't observed by loved ones or others doing weird gomer things while behind the wheel, why should he come under any kind of recertification?

    This is pure Statist-think. Some bureaucrat decided that 70 is the cutoff for expectations of safe driving and bam, they fall into this need-to-recertify category, no matter their record heretofore. Over here the clovers would be creaming themselves over this. The Government Has Spoken! Seventy it is!
    Because we are children and our parents ( the gov't) will tell us what is right and what is wrong and they will punish all the kids if even one of them does something irresponsible.

    Personally I resent being held responsible for the irresponsible behavour of the minority of people. I resent being punished for doing something wrong before I've done something wrong.

    Truth is, it is a country of children, but I dont' need the gov't to deal with them. I'm smarter than the child, so leave me alone.

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