In 2008 when the financial bubble burst and, due to their fiscal irresponsibillity, Bank of America was on the verge of bankruptcy, they cut my credit card limit in half and jacked my interest rate up. Of course they did this simply to benefit themselves at my expense in those hard economic times. My credit score also took a hit since it's a function of your available credit among other things.

I called them and asked them why they would do such a thing to a loyal customer in good standing and of course they gave me every bullshit excuse in the book, none of which made any sense. So I just stopped paying on that credit card.

Then of course BofA received over $100 billion in taxpayer financed bailout funds, and guaranteed, low interest loans from the gov't and the federal reserve.

I then tried to open a new account in another small, community bank but was denied because BofA had "reported" me to some bank check service and that's all the new bank needed to refuse me the account.

So lemme get this straight: BofA, which has been mired in fraud, scandal and abuse for years due to its grossly, and no doubt criminal, fiscal irresponsiblity, sticks it to me on my credit card and then gets the gov't to force me to give them tax money from my paycheck as well and THEY report ME to a reporting agency? For what? Being a sucker?

Why in god's name would anyone listen to anything BofA says? They are going to judge the fiscal worthiness of anyone? Are you kidding me? That's the pot calling the kettle black don't you think?

I have absolutely no use for any bank. I can find more loose change on the bus than I could ever earn in interest on my account and I'm out of debt and only buy something if I have the money to pay for it. If my employer would pay me in cash I'd take it.