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Same thing here. Which is another indicator that the system is massively skewed. Your credit rating isn't a rating of how worthy your are of credit. it's based on your aibility to be dominated and intimidated into being a consistent profit source for a bank.
Correct, in fact with a lower credit score I've found I have leverage with the banks. Anyone can get financed for a car or home furnishings, you just get a higher interest rate. But if the bank tries to fuck with you like raising your interest rate or abusive fees and what not, with a lower credit score, you are a credible threat to just stop paying.

BofA tried to do this to me and in the end I negotiated a lower than original interest rate. I simply told them that if they tried to pull that shit that they would never see another penny from me again and they knew I meant it. Just look at my credit score! LOL