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Thread: There's no such thing as an "Officer Friendly"

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    There's no such thing as an "Officer Friendly"

    My daughters have a cop that comes to their school and eats lunch with the kids regularly. He's clean shaven, has a perfectly parted, neat haircut, sharply pressed shirt, etc... Fits the "mold" perfectly for an indoctrinated gov't troll who is so afraid of life that he not only needs the gov't to tell him the difference between right and wrong but he has to be a part of the controlling apparatus to feel safe.

    No doubt he's instilling the gov't indoctrinated mindset that "cops are friendly" in the kids while he's there. I can't think of any other reason why a cop would come off his beat to eat lunch with the kids. There are no firemen, or doctors, or entertainers or construction workers, just cops. Hmmm.

    So of course my kids are taken by his words and tell me that "Officer Friendly" is a good cop. To which I say: really? Then why does he have a gun, a taser, pepper spray, a club and handcuffs? Why did he take an oath to "enforce the law" - using deadly force if necessary - even if the law violates people's rights?

    Either he agrees with the laws that violate people's rights OR he doesn't agree with them but he is of such low moral character that he's willing to compromise his principles because he needs the job.

    Either way: there's nothng "good" about Officer Friendly.
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