Ron Paulís Chess game :

Itís already a two-man race, no matter what the main-stream media wants you to believe. Ronís decision to skip Florida is strategic. Itís a numbers game and Florida is a winner take all state.
Of the 2,286 total Republican delegates, 1,144 are needed to win nomination.

In five (5) States: Virginia, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Illinois, Gingrich and Santorum are not even on the ballot. Thatís 564 delegates that they cannot get.

After South Carolina, only 59 delegates have been allocated to the 4 candidates. Mitt Romney has 39 of those. This means Santorum or Gingrich has to pick up 1,144 delegates from the remaining 1,683.
Letís say the Paul only picks up 20% of the total number of delegatesĖI happen to believe he will do much betterĖbut letís pick 20%. Thatís 457 delegates for Paul. Add that to the 564 that Newt and Santorum wonít have a shot at and now there are 1,021 delegates that Santorum and Gingrich have no chance of getting.

Subtract that 1,021 from the total 2,286 and youíre left with 1,265 delegates. That means that Gingrich and Santorum, one or the other, have to pick up over 90% of the available delegates to get the nomination.

Even if Paul does not succeed in getting the Republican nomination he will have some clout at the convention and his ideas will have to be taken more seriously.

So, essentially, weíre down to Paul and Romney. The key is making people understand that. Use the numbers, show folks that a vote for Paul is not a wasted vote and may well mean that the next President of the United States will be a man that, for the last 30 years, has never broken a promise, compromised his principles or waffled his position on an issue. A man that still believes that the Constitution of the United States is THE law of the land and that the protection of our individual liberties is the primary reason for the Federal government.