One of my computers keeps crashing with a blue-screen error, necessitating a restart....every morning. When I get every morning, the computer has a blue screen and error message (apparently a serious one) and the only solution is to press the reset button.

When it restarts and comes up with a dialog box, it says "A duplicate name exists on the network"....whatever that means. It does not tell me what the duplicate name is, so I have no idea where to start looking for it.

The computer in question accesses my network wirelessly - it is not the main computer. It is a second desktop computer.

After every reboot, when Windows starts up and I login to the desktop, I get the wizard box for "Install new hardware". I have not installed new hardware, and I cancel the wizard, but it keeps saying that it detects new hardware.

Where do I go to find the detected new hardware and remove it?

Could this be causing the crash? The error signature says the files included in the report are on my C: drive and Temp files and sysdata....?

I need a techy geek please!