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Thread: Future of antigun legislation and who is behnd it.

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    Future of antigun legislation and who is behnd it.

    I know a lot of fire arm owners who go whole hog about anitgun legislation. Their darling is Fox News. Well, guess what. Rupert Murdoch owns Fox News. Over the last 30 years, no British or Australian prime minister has been elected unless they were endorsed by Rupert. The Bush league changed FCC ownership laws so he could buy Fox News before he became an American citizen.

    I became curious when I swa a debate on Fox News after a young woman who had been widowed a month previous shot and killed an armed intruder who broke down a door she had locked to protect her infant and herself. When he came at her with a knife, she blew him away. One of the talking heads on Fox News said she ought to be charged. The only things I'd do there is ask her what shells she uses so I could replace what she used to clean the streets up a little bit.

    I poked around on the internet to find out what the fire arm regulations are in Australia. One thing pops up repeatedly, the phrase "In law, personal protection is not a genuine reason". Here is a link to the regulations.

    So, beware the trojan horse in fire arm prohibition. The same guy who outlawed fire arms in Oz is working towards that here. He's hampered by legal problems fromm bribery and phone hacking in Bitain but the rich seem to have a different world than we do.
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    Fox is pro-establishment. The establishment wants to disarm the population.

    That's all anyone really needs to know.

    As to the supporters of the two political teams? The vast majority has no principles, they just want to win the game and have someone from their team in power. Apparently it doesn't much matter what they do in power to most of them. Where's the big uprising from rank and file team D fans against Obama's attack on civil rights and continuing the wars? no where to be found because it's about team, not principle. Team R supporters will be all for gun confiscation if it means winning an election or if happens after they won an election it will be ignored.

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