About a year ago, the bridge across the Wabash river at Mt. Vernon Indiana went with electronic paying only. The toll booths were removed and you were REQUIRED to buy an electronic pass to pay the toll. Income dropping massively. It seems Illinois officials thought a camera for the front plate would work. Well, Indiana only has a rear plate. Officials in Indiana thought a camera for the rear would work. People around here have to work for a living. It seems the plates are foten beat up to where a camera can't read them or the tailgate on pickups were down and so on.

I was dating a gal over in Carbondale IL for a while and I was going through Kentucky and that's where I would stop and spend money. None of it was spent in Illinois.

Now the bridge authority is going to build toll booths. They would use the old ones but they were torn down and all the toll takers were laid off. The cost will be pretty large, all because a brght boy wanted to save money. Now they have to build new booths, to current specifications, hire and train new people and still maintain the electronic system for people who had bought the passes.