If forcing people to give their money to Chrysler in the form of a bailout because they woudn't do it voluntarily by buying a car was the only way to keep Chrysler in business then they should have gone out of business.

Companies go out of business every day because they are not producing a product that consumers want. How does keeping such a failing business in business benefit anyone in the long run?

And then they STILL went into bankruptcy protection! Bankruptcy protection is so you can restructure the way you do business because the current structure is failing. So they had all the same protections from their creditors as any other business EXCEPT they also got a few hundred billion from the taxpayers? Must be nice. I wonder whose island vacation home that money went into.

This is the second time the gov't has bailed Chrysler out. The message being that the gov't is going pick the economic winners and losers in our society so companies like Chrysler - with the politically powerful UAW behind it - can do business anyway it wants regardless because the taxpayers will always be forced to bail them out.

I'm kind of short on cash these days Mr. president. Can I get a bailout? I'll suck your dick!