Taylor Sauer, a teenager who was texting every 90 seconds during her four-hour commute from Utah State University to her parents’ home on January 14, made a fatal mistake while behind the wheel.
Her prolific last text was ‘Driving and facebooking is not safe! Haha.’ Seconds later, she slammed into a tanker truck at 80mph.
Now, Ms Sauer’s grieving parents are hoping to use their daughter’s tragic story as a way to change driving laws, and make texting while driving in Idaho illegal.

It is the daily fail, but I figure they got the basics of 'texting teen runs into back of truck, parents seek new law' correct.

What to they expect the government's police to do here? Monitor everyone? New gadgets from automakers to block cell phones? (yes, it has been proposed) I don't get it. Do they just want to feel better by blaming the state for not doing the instruction a parent should have done? Do they think the violence of the state replaces parental discipline or good sense learned from upbringing?