I've been watching all the hoopla over the 17 year old being shot. I can understand the parents anger and I wonder who ever gave the alleged shooter a permit. However, it's in Florida and this is the state that the Bush family pretty much owns.

All the leeches coming out of the woodwork though may cause a back fire and the family of the victim may go with out any recourse down the road. If the shooter goes to trial, he may not be able to get a fair trial and gets a mistrial instead. Add in a quirk of Florida law where if he is acquited, the family can't file a wrongful death suit. This should have been done first. All the has been political activists had to jump into the act and they are even selling T-shirts. A young man is barely cold in his grave and he's being exploited. Spike Lee joins in and retweet an address that MIGHT be the family of the shooter and it's heavily vandalized. Oops, wrong address.

100 years ago, if the races of the two were reversed, a black man shooting a white man, there would have been a lynching. Now, with Tom Crow run out of town, the shooter is being lynched in the press. How is this progress? Blacks were often denied due process of law. Now, the leeches are trying to do the same thing.

Personally, I think the victim was completely innocent. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time. His next of kin are being exploited as heavily as he is. The alleged shooter is probably guilty, but he hasn't had his day in court. Under our laws, he is innocent until proven guilty. With a fair jury trial questionable, he may not be convicted. Jackleg activists are trying to go against 900 years of legal precedent.