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    Ron Paul Mobile

    Ok, so for the last four years I've seen probably hundreds of Ron Paul bumper stickers and signs on cars, yard signs and what not. And typically what happens when I'm driving down the road and see this, I pull up next to the car and start honking and waving and the guy in the other car thinks I'm fucking nuts!

    He can't see my Ron Paul bumper sticker and has no idea why I'm waving and honking like a maniac. My daughter even asked me once: daddy what's the Ron Paul sign? Like we have a sign we make with our hands on the road to identify each other. Cute, but I told here there wasn't one.

    So, in between cocktails, I put some of my software engineering skills to work and setup a site:

    It's very simple: you can register your license plate info on the site along with your cell phone number. Then when a fellow Ron Paul supporter sees your Ron Paul swag on the road, he can simply dial the toll-free number 855-360-0468, input your license plate state and number when prompted and you will be called on your cell phone.

    Your cell phone number remains hidden from the caller for those of us concerned with our privacy, like me.

    I'm going to implement some further features like:

    1. Find-me so you can have more than one numbe registered so if it will call each of your numbers until it finds you.
    2. The ability for the caller to record a short message as to why they are calling so the receiver of the call can accept or reject it.
    3. The ability to friend each other on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc... right from the phone call.

    So, check it out. Have fun. It's free! Let me know what you think. Feedback, comments etc... I setup a Facebook page as well. Just search: Ron Paul Mobile and like it. You can give me feedback on that page as well.

    Give it a test drive. You can contact me at: Georgia/BSI123.

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