My search for another car has changed. I no longer need to have room for a wheel chair in the back. My dead beat relative is about to pay off the car I was talked into co-signing on. (I have been known to reason with deadbeats rather firmly.) So, I'm widening my search for a car. Since you drive so many, maybe you can give me some advice.

First up, the search parameters. With gas prices going up, mileage is a concern. It needs to be something I can get in and out of without too much trouble. I'm 6 foot and 230 pounds so a Smart Car is out of the question. (I think they're ugly anyway.) I run on the highway a lot and need something that won't beat me to death on long trips. I also have Scottish blood and don't want to spend a bunch of money.

Cars I've looked at and liked are the Nissan Versa 5 door HB. The new Mustang but I don't need a V-8. Cars I won't consider are anything with OnStar, nothing with a sealed transmission, nothing that is maintenance unfriendly. I liked the Avenger/200 twins but you can't check the transmission fluid and the battery is buried in the front fender.

I'll even consider a used car. I'm quite happy with my '98 Taurus but it is about worn out. Plus, for personal reasons, I just don't want to drive it anymore.