Even among emergency vehicles, an ambulance is a fairly high priority. When I was taking my traffic training, my instructor was asked about Mail trucks having priority at a multiple stop sign intersection. Mail trucks have no more rights on the road than any other vehicle. They can wait their turn like anybody else and if the driver messes up, he or she can get a ticket like everybody else.

Fire trucks are generally given the highest priority when traffic is backed up. They have the potential to save the greatest number of lives with an ambulance right behind them. There may be someone in back that can't wait. Police cars with their higher power to weight and lower weight and comensurate handling are below those two. After that, semis and motorcycles get priority in clearing traffic as they distract other drivers and the semi blocks other drivers view (not that they look at the road anymore, they look at texts).

Yesterday, I wished I'd had a camera on my dash. I could hear an ambulance coming. Even with my poor hearing, it was clearly coming. I could see him in my mirror so I sat at the light like almost everybody else. ALL traffic stopped except for one of the darlings from the college. A green Mustang rolled through a red light and pulled into the left lane. The driver finally realized why everybody else was stopped. What did he or she do? Pull over to the side of the road? Nope. Mostly in the left lane but partly in the right, the car stopped. This forced the ambulance to pull partly on the shoulder of the road to get around. I don't know what had happened but this wasn't the only ambulance that went there, several fire trucks and a bunch of police units went also.

Everywhere else clovers are old people. Not around here. I have passed lines of 6, 8, 10 or more cars in the left (passing) lane sitting at a light while I zip by in the right. By the way, the exit for the University is on the right side of the road. They have to cut across traffic to exit.