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Thread: $130,000 for each of the 100 new riders

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    $130,000 for each of the 100 new riders

    Wonder where your tax dollars are going?

    This is in my state, Minnesota. Ramsey is a town of 23,000 - about 30 miles outside of Minneapolis.

    even as a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday heralded the arrival of the seventh station along the line, others have questioned the cost: about $13 million, or an average of roughly $130,000 for each of the 100 new daily round-trip riders the station is expected to attract. Some also wonder whether the new station will merely siphon riders from the two stations on either side of it.
    "I thought that the Ramsey station was not needed and pretty costly," Sherburne County Commissioner Felix Schmiesing, a longtime Northstar advocate, said earlier this fall. "The 200 rides per day. ... I hope they're there."

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    "The forecasts could be right or they could be wrong. Things could improve, stay as they are, or get worse - but what the hell it's only taxpayers money, not as if it was our own money we are spending."

    This seems to be the opposite approach to, for example, our banks/chain stores/post offices who say 'The only reason we are closing fourteen of our forty two branches is in order to provide a better service."

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